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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

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Hologram Security sticker Feature & Security Level

Red star marks security level. The more star hologram marked, the higher security level the hologram has.

1. Customized deisgn 3D Hologram effect

2. Customized Design 2D/3D Hologram sticker (2D, 2D/3D, FLIP-FLOP, True color, Kinetic)

3. Customized Designed Dot-matrix Hologram sticker or 2D/3D & Dot-matrix Combination

4. Normal Pressure Sensitive (tamper evident, temper-proof) Hologram sticker 

5. 'VOID' , 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED', ' Comb' Pattern Released Tamper Evident sticker

6. Custom Designed Pattern Released Tamper Evident Hologram sticker

7. Non Tamper Evident Hologram sticker (not pressure sensitive,permanent)

8. Laser Beam Reveal Hidden Text in Hologram sticker

9. Mole Hidden Text in Hologram sticker

10. Mole Hidden Text & Laser Reveal Hidden Text Together

11. UV printing hologram sticker, Plus other security features

12. Thermo changing hidden text , Light sensitive hidden text, Water sensitive

13. Micro Text

14. Hologram sticker Flash Light

15. Black Overprinting Serial Number on Backside of Hologram sticker

16. Black Overprinting Serial Number on Surface in Hologram sticker

17. Eengraved Transparent Serial Number or Image

18. Special Shape Die-cutting Shape and Security Slit of Hologram sticker

19. Red or Black Overprinting Released

20. Silver, Golden, Red, Blue, Green Base Material Color

21. 25 micron, 36 micron, 50 micron Material Thickness






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