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We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents.

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Scratch Hologram

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A. Holographic label Scratch-Off can be applied onto card manully or automaticly by application machine.


B. Hologram hot stamping foil Scratch-Off can be applied onto card by hot stamping machine.


scratch off holographic label

Scratch off hologram label


scratch off label

Scratch off holographic label in roll


scratch off hologram labels in roll

Scratch off holographic label in roll. It's 600 meters per roll.


Hologram scrach off card

Scratch off holographic label (General design 1 Hologram scratch off label)


Pin number_phone number_scratch off

Phone card number and PIN code is covered by scratch off hologram label . After your scratch the hologram coating by nail or coin, you will see card number and PIN code on card. Such as prepaid scratch mobile charging card or ticket is widely used. Our scratch hologram labels are shining, beautiful, easily scratch with high tamper and security. These labels are applied by machine automatic and manual for small quantity requirement.





Scratch Hologram made in China. Chinese Scratch Hologram

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